Guest Post: Reflections from Reveille’s Summer Lousiana Trip

In this guest post, we hear from Reveille’s Lay Leader Bo Bowden as he reflects upon his time in Slidell, Lousiana.

16-0712-tues-night-slidell-11Early one Sunday morning in July just after breakfast, Pastor Carl Blackburn invited us to answer a simple question.  “Why are you doing this?”  The night before, his church, St. John UMC in Chattanooga, TN had hosted fifty-seven Reveille members en route to our New Orleans area mission trip.

It had been the first overnight of the trip.  We gave answers you might expect.  “To help others, to share the love of Jesus Christ, etc.”  My answer was a bit tongue in-cheek – “Why not?”  Maybe the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.  Here’s my real answer:  Serving on Church Council, we sometimes make decisions affecting youth ministry.  I felt it to be one area I had not participated in adequately.  For me, this trip was an opportunity to become more involved.

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The Preacher As Storyteller

8580408850_6d45ee21e6This article offers some helpful advice for storytelling which can also be helpful for preachers. In particular, the benefit of using the present tense. I discussed this a bit with my group at Licensing School this year, about how present tense can draw in the listener, mainly because it creates an environment where one feels they are a part of a living story. So then,

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From the Lead Pastor’s Desk: Summer, 2016

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.49.11 PMDear sisters and brothers in Christ I pray you are well and have had a safe and happy summer. In this article, I would like to discuss one of the great myths of our faith: that not much happens at church over the summer.

As one would expect, we worshipped each Sunday morning and most Wednesday nights. The office was open during the summer, as it always is. Yet to say that not much happens at Reveille in the summer? Pish-posh!

Let’s look back, shall we? Since June:

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Guest Post: Health and Hope in Honduras by Mary Evans

IMG_8771Mary Evans is a member of Reveille United Methodist Church who participated in this year’s medical mission to rural Honduras with the Friends of Barnabas.

“You come to help my people,” an elderly man said in English, gesturing to my Friends of Barnabas Foundation t-shirt I wore to the airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. “Thank you.” He stood tall, and his face resembled many that I had seen in the previous week–tanned and lined from spending much time outdoors. I answered him in English, “You’re welcome,” and boarded my flight with tears in my eyes, eager to share my exchange with my fellow missioners.

Earlier that morning, our mission team of 16 adults and youth had arranged plastic chairs in a circle on the fourth floor of our San Pedro Sula Hotel and administered Holy Communion to each other in the final devotion of our medical mission trip. We read the Prayer for Honduran Children and wept out of love and exhaustion. Our hearts had been transformed and our family circle had been expanded to include the beautiful people of Honduras. Christ had broken down the wall.

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