9780687430130What follows are the words to a hymn I wrote years ago for a Virginia Conference United Methodist devotional guide called “A Summer Read.” We used it in worship on April 10, 2016 as part of our Reclaiming Sunday: Sabbath and Christian Simplicity sermon series. It was fun to hear people sing it. Feel free to use it with attribution, if you like. The tune is the same as “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna,” which, of course, I did not write. 

The Seventh Day God Rested
The seventh day God rested from work that God had done
A day of rest made holy, by God’s command begun
The universe completed, the darkness filled with light
And all in God’s creation was good in God’s own sight
God gives us life and labor to gain and save and give
and God gives us the Sabbath to pray and rest and live
Christ comes amidst the deadlines and says to all, its true
“God made you not for Sabbath, but it was made for you”
We share in God’s creating through all we do and say
By grace we serve out Master, who consecrates each day
The God whom we resemble, resemble by design
commands our Sabbath-keeping, renewing soul and mind
When life is overwhelming, with all that must be done
when burdens seem to0 heavy, at work, at school, at home
We claim there is no respite, yet Christ says we are blessed
“Come all ye heavy laden, and I will give you rest”


Words: Douglas Forrester (Genesis 2:2-4)
Music: Gesangbuch der H. W. K. Hopfkapelle, 1784, alt.
(United Methodist Hymnal #278)